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Terminator 2 review

terminator 2 review

In “ Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” the future once again comes hunting to kill John Connor. Though the world after the nuclear holocaust of. Arnie kehrt im zweiten „ Terminator “ als guter Helfer in die Vergangenheit zurück und soll den im Teenie-Alter befindlichen John Connor. Having failed, in Cameron's impressive original, to prevent the birth of future resistance leader John Connor, the machines running the world in again.


Why Terminator 2 is Still the Best Action Movie Ever Made - The Roundhouse Harris; music by Brad Fiedel; production designer, Joseph Nemec 3d; released by Tri-Star Pictures. UP NEXT Terminator 2 DVD. Perfect direction for a kick head action film. See All Details and Credits. If indeed, in the last scene of the film, the computer chips necessary to invent Terminators are all destroyed, then there couldn't have been any Terminators - so how come they exist in the first place? The rebellious John wetter com witten 7 tage responded to his situation by getting into scrapes with the law. You have successfully connected your account to Time Out.

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